Laborer from West Bengal Wins Rs. 1 Crore Lottery in God’s Own Country

West Bengal State Lottery Result 2019: Lottery Sambad Result to be out at 4 pm. Check result here

West Bengal State Lottery Result 2019 | The outcomes of Lottery Sambad to be out at 4 pm. Up-and-comers remaining by energetically for the results and endeavouring their karma can eyewitness their shimmering destiny soon. They can check the complete once-over of the champs of West Bengal State Lottery Result 2019 Lottery Sambad here.

The Government of West Bengal coordinates the lottery draw each day. West Bengal Lottery Sambad Result 2019 result will be broadcasted at 4 pm while the individuals from the lottery can check the all-out outcome of the lottery from 4:30 pm onwards. They can check the live spouting of West Bengal Lottery Sambad Result 2019 on YouTube.

The champs will be conceded cash prizes. Besides the fundamental, second and third victor, the West Bengal government will similarly concede coincidental honours to various individuals from the lottery.

West Bengal lottery is seen as extraordinary among other endeavour plans of state, permitting various people the opportunity to win with no risk. It is coordinated by the state government and that is the explanation it is one of the ensured modes to win prizes.

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Right when a consistent wage specialist from West Bengal came to Kerala with the desire for sending money for his family back home, which fused another considered youngster, he never accepted that he will be returning as an investor in fast time.

The scene that restricts even the best film content happened in the life of 22-year-old Mofijul ­Rahman Sekh, a Bengali pro who came to Kerala seven days prior.

Mofijul bought a Kerala State Lottery ticket for Rs. 50 from a debilitated merchant in Calicut the day after he appeared in the state. He never anyway this will be a noteworthy moment since when the result of the draw was accounted for the next day Mofijul was stunned and excited to find that his ticket won the fundamental prize of Rs.1 Crore. Click for more info

Mofijul’s fulfilment in a little while changed into fear as the possibility of someone harming him to take the lucky ticket slithered into his insights. He bestowed the lottery story to his dear buddy who taught him to take help concerning the police.

As prepared by his partner, Mofijul searched for the help of the Chevayur police central command and he has been living inside the station since Monday.

Mofijul is the offspring of Author Sekh and he hails from Uttar Lakshmipur in Malda area of West Bengal. He came to Vellimadukunnu, Calicut, on March 4.

Mofijul said “It’s my first visit to Kerala. I figured I would work here for a few months, visit near to spots and a short time later return to my town. In any case, the lottery prize came as an outright wonder.”

As demonstrated by police, Mofijul was restless about the likelihood that someone would butcher him to take the lottery ticket and decided to seek shelter in the station. They in like manner incorporated that he was far fetched of sharing the ticket nuances to experts in the police home office.

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