How It Works

Share & Discuss the Latest Legal Updates

Inthebenches is the place to share and discuss legal news, stories, and case law updates with other lawyers.

Inthebenches’ interactive platform lets you engage in discussion on the latest case law developments, legal news, and other legal topics of interest to you.

Your “Home Feed” will keep you updated on the most popular discussions voted on by the legal commuity. The “Customize Feeds” feature will allow you to filter your updates according to your legal interests.

You can post a link or an article to a topic or practice area you are interested in. Lawyers who subscribe to those forums will have the opportunity to read, comment on, and vote on your contributions. The most read, voted on, or discussed get bumped to the top.

Ask and Share Thoughts on Legal Questions

Inthebenches offers a collaborative platform to ask legal questions and get feedback from fellow attorneys.

Ask questions within your practice area or in a legal area you’re unfamiliar with, and users subscribed to these topics will see your post, offer feedback on it, or refer it to another attorney.

An improvement on the listserve concept, Inthebenches creates a stored database of the types of issues lawyers are dealing with today so you can easily search, save and send these discussions without over-populating your inbox. Similar to legal news posts, users can vote on responses so you can feel comfortable using the feedback you get from the crowd of attorneys upvoting a response.

Refer a Case / Get Referrals

Find lawyers outside of your practice area or jurisdiction and expand your own client reach using Inthebenches’ referral forum.

Post a referral to Inthebenches’ legal community and see the recommendations come up for lawyers in the legal area or jurisdiction you’re looking for.

You can also use the forum to find follow attorneys to help cover a case or court shift.

Join Discussions with Promininent Lawyers

Inthebenches provides a forum that lets you discuss career mobility with attorneys (or former attorneys) who are successful in the types of law you’re in or looking to be in.

Upcoming Webinars Include:

  • Cliff Stein, General Counsel for the Chicago Bears
  • Bert Fields, One of the Nation’s Leading Entertainment Attorneys
  • Michael Fink, Senior Vice President at Starbucks Corporation
  • Jaime Katz, General Counsel for Beth Israel Medical Center
  • Jeremy Blachman, Harvard Law Grad & Published Author The Anonymous Lawyer